When it rains it pours

”Last night I dreamed I was you.”

I was walking through a thematic park with roller coasters and white shoes. The sun was high and the weather was hot. I could see on other people eyes that I had something in me, like a spirit or a ghost of you. You were happy as everyone. Everything was so vivid and clear, I couldn’t notice if was not for the people stares. There was a time that life was so alive. There was a time that voices could keep me warm at night. Which or which or who is who? I am me or who are you? Electric forces always go into two different directions, positive or negative. I was thunder, you were lightning. Sparks between the two forces became fire and got ourselves burned into the sky. There is a place that is only four hundred miles away. A place where the road is all covered in rain and there is something hidden in the water. How many times have you crossed that bridge? You see me but I don’t see you, we both have someone now. The ghost of you in me sees the happiness in you, and perhaps I teached something for you. You were a sister to me and I was a brother for you, as simple as it looks, family is more complicated than it seems. There are things which are better left unsaid, and maybe a picture is not the best way to say goodbye to someone. Last night I dreamed I was you, as you were covered in blanks to be warm at night. I am all that is lost and don’t want to be found. I am all that is forgotten and forever. You will always be the sister in me. Wish I could be more than a ghost in you.



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